Friday, April 28, 2017

Do it: give up a free Mercedes and THEN we'll talk Privilege, okay...?

The Clean College Chick With The Hot Nose Ring and Herpes says...

All of the women here in the Antifa Group think I am Privileged: like I got to choose my upbringing. right? Like I got to choose a Father who was a successful Capitalist but a shitty Dad who was always working. Like I got to choose to live in a lily-white neighborhood full of luxury SUVs and Mexican Gardeners with Leaf Blowers...

I think I should get credit for turning my back on that Patriarchal White Capitalist Life. Some of the women here have never even had anything, so it's easy for them to still not have anything, right? But I've given up Big Things: I CHOOSE to live this way. Which do YOU think is harder? How many people here have turned their back on the Mercedes their asshole Dad gave them for getting accepted into a Good College? Do it: give up a free Mercedes and THEN we'll talk Privilege, okay...?

Many of the women here didn't have their Father in their Lives, so they didn't see the Patriarchy up close like I did. They didn't hear their parents argue over a Kitchen Remodel -- like my Father should have had any say, being that he never even cooked for us...

So I understand Ivanka better than they do, because I understand how much she HASN'T given up to help fight Oppression. You think that would get me a little more respect, right...?

I am Laslo.

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