Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"I don't know. Have you talked to your psychiatrist about this?"

Daddy Issues America...

"I've been having this thought lately..."

"Tell me, baby. I want to hear."

"I like that you value my thoughts. I don't think I could be with a man who doesn't support my thoughts."

"I always support your thoughts. You thoughts make you 'you', you know?"

"I've just been thinking. I'm tired of working at the coffeeshop."

"I understand. You're too good for that place."

"So what I've been thinking is, we dress in black tonight, go to my Dad's house, sneak in and kill him, then take off on the road. Live life day by day. Dusty roads, diners, gas stations in the middle of nowhere. REAL life."


"We'd bury him in the backyard and then we'd be free. Free! It'll be just like a movie! Lovers on the run!"

"Maybe we could just head off on the road by itself. You know, without the 'killing' thing."

"That won't work. I've given it a lot of thought, and I can never be free until my Daddy's dead. I'll kill him, and you'll cut off his head."

"Cut off his head?"

"Yeah. That way he won't be able to look at me anymore."

"But he'll be dead, anyway."

"Yeah, but it will be more so with his head cut off. I can tell when he is looking at me, even when he isn't there."

"I don't know. Have you talked to your psychiatrist about this?"

"Yeah. She says my Father is the Root of All My Problems. I really like her."

"So she is okay with you killing him?"

"Well, I didn't exactly tell her that part, but I think it was understood."

"I don't know: maybe you should talk to her one more time."

"But these dreams of killing my Father torment me. They won't leave me alone until I do it."

"Maybe you could talk to your psychiatrist about THAT."

"Do you think that would help?"

"I'm sure it will. If she says Killing Your Father is okay then we'll talk about it."

"Okay: if it is that important to you. I just need to let my Dad know about the appointment..."

"Why is that?"

"Because he pays for all my visits..."

I am Laslo.


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