Saturday, April 22, 2017

"I have many patients who suffer from Narcissism and Delusions of Grandeur."

Unhappy Blog Commenter at the Psychiatrist...

"Is this your first time seeing a psychiatrist?"

"Yeah. I've been feeling very disappointed in people, lately."

"Ah, yes. And you want to know how you can adjust your behavior to a more appropriate level of understanding."

"Fuck, no. I want to know why everyone else sucks."

"How about we discuss some of these people who have disappointed you..."

"Well, there's a Blog I read, and the writer is always blogging about shit that doesn't matter, and NOT blogging about the shit that DOES matter."

"Have you considered reading another blog? One more to your liking?"

"They ALL disappoint me. I just like this disappointment best."

"And how do you respond to this disappointment?"

"I add comments. I add a LOT of comments."

"And what do you discuss in these comments?"

"I write about how this Blog and its commenters make me sick. Angry and sick."

"And this makes you feel better?"

"Yeah. I tell them they are all assholes who are getting it wrong. I come up with some pretty great put-downs. Occasionally I wish death on another commenter."

"While this may make you happy in the short-term, it doesn't seem healthy as a long-term behavior."

"Yeah. It gets tough coming up with new insults. But those people really suck: they deserve it."

"Again: maybe you could try a Blog more in line with your thinking."

"They don't appreciate me, either. What's worse, they ignore me, because EVERYONE is disappointed. And angry. I don't stand out."

"And 'standing out' is important to you?"

"Of course it is. If people would just understand how Intelligent I am then they would realize I am Right. All the time. And they should then just Shut Up with their shit."

"Well, I don't think ANYONE is right 'all the time'..."

"That's because you're used to dealing with crazy people. You never have dealt with someone like me."

"Actually, I have. I have many patients who suffer from Narcissism and Delusions of Grandeur."

"Yeah -- those kind of people are the ones I'm talking about. The other commenters. They're so full of their own shit and then they write that shit on the Internet like it's important."

"How do you view YOUR writing on the Internet?"

"I see what you're doing there. The difference is I AM writing Important Things. These people need to know how disappointing they are."

"Maybe you should try a Positive Comment, and see how people respond?"

"Fuck that. I'll never give those fuckers an inch. And that starts with the Blog's Writer, herself."

"We're near the end of our session. So, to recap: you are Unhappy, and you spend your time reading a Writer you don't respect and then communicating with others that you don't respect. And you want all of them to change while you stay the same. Is that a fair assessment?

"Pretty much. It gets so tiring, being compelled to constantly deal with people who disappoint me. But it also helps me masturbate too, you know?"

"I think we're going to need a LOT of sessions..."

"I would think so: it takes a lot of time for someone to fully understand just how smart I am..."

I am Laslo.

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  1. Perfect. You're a keen observer of the human condition, sir.