Saturday, April 22, 2017

"I even went out as Farrah one evening. To a Hollywood Party."

"Cait, do you think your lifelong feelings of being a woman helped fuel your athletic drive when you were younger?"

"Oh, yes! Some would say I was running, but in reality I was being chased: chased by the Truth of who I was, inside."

"So, could one say that you being a woman inside made you a better male athlete?"

"Indeed! Testosterone didn't make me a champion -- Caitlyn did. Although I didn't call her Caitlyn then."

"Oh - really? What did you call your inner woman back then?"

"I first knew her as Angie."


"Yes: like Angie Dickinson. She was so strong in "Police Woman." Do you remember "Police Woman"?

"Uh... vaguely..."

"Well, Angie Dickinson was a Police Woman. And she was so Strong."

"That is an interesting insight, Cait..."

"Then for awhile I called my inner woman "Farrah"...." 

"Let me guess..."

"Ha! You know! Like Farrah Fawcett. What can I say? It was the Seventies. Sometimes at home I would wear a little red one-piece swimsuit and ice my nipples so I looked like her..."

"That must've been a sight..."

"I even went out as Farrah one evening. To a Hollywood Party."

"That must've been bold. And how did that go?"

"Well, it was a confusing time, you know? At one point of the party I was in a back bedroom and Burt Reynolds fucked me in the ass."

"Burt Reynolds!?"

"Oh yeah. In fact, I feel kinda bad for him finding out this way: all these years he thought he fucked Farrah Fawcett in the ass, but no -- it was just me."

"Is there anything you would say to Burt, now, as Caitlyn?"

"Yes! Burt: I miss you. If you want to relive old memories, give me a call. I still have the wig..."

I am Laslo.

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