Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Stars will be named in their Honor! I am full of Semen!"

"Sorry, sir, but I can not let you on the bus dressed like that..."

"But I am Cocksauricus!"

"You're what?"

"I am Cocksauricus! I am an ancient Greek God with the Cock of a Dinosaur!"

"Sorry: I can't let you on the bus with that thing you got there in front, buddy."

"But I am Cocksauricus! And this is my Golden Dinosaur Cock! Behold my Scaly Golden Magnificence!"

"That thing isn't magnificent, that thing is a Public Danger..."

"But I must get five stops to the High School! I am Rutting!"

"I can't let that happen, sir. I need you to step away from the bus."

"For ages I, Cocksauricus, have mated with Young Girls in the Spring to produce a bountiful Harvest! Do you wish to bring Famine upon Your People?"

"I don't think you riding my bus is gonna have an effect on Taco Bell, my friend..."

"Swine! My Golden Dinosaur Cock aches for nubile young females!"

"Yeah. You see, that DOESN'T make me want to drive you to the High School, you know..."

"But the Young Girls who satiate my Golden Dinosaur Cock are looked upon in Favor in the Heavens! Stars will be named in their Honor! I am full of Semen!"

"Okay, buddy: do I need to call the Police?"

"No, no: that is not needed. I shall go forth to the maidens on foot."

"You do that. And I'd say to try to keep that thing in your pants, but you're not wearing any pants..."

"Of COURSE I do not wear pants! I am Cocksauricus!"

"Yeah: I got that. Good luck, Greek Dinosaur Cock-Dude..."

"Thank you, good sir. May you and your passengers not perish in the Famine!"

"Ah, I think I'm good: the wife packed me a sandwich, a sprinkled donut and an Orange Nehi..."

I am Laslo.

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