Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We get it, women: Daddy Didn't Love You The Right Way.

Women used to express their Daddy Issues at a man symbolic of their father.

Now they express their Daddy Issues at the Man's Daughter.

We get it, women: Daddy Didn't Love You The Right Way. He was too domineering or he wasn't there at all. Or he thought you should study a subject in University more job-oriented than Women's Studies. Or he didn't understand your Lesbian Phase. Or he wasn't supportive when you shaved your head.

Or, perhaps you suspect that if he found out about your abortion he would be saddened by your action.

Fight the Good Fight, and Keep Those Feelings of Inadequacy at Bay.

I am Laslo.

My 9:55 comment does not let men off the hook.

What passes for Men are now a lot of Daddy-Issue-Enabling Whipped Boys.

They listen to the woman's Daddy Issues and nod and murmur sympathetically.

How terrible THOSE kind of men are!

I would NEVER let a Man like that hurt you, baby!

I didn't mean it that way -- I know you can take care of yourself without needing a Man to protect you!

I fully support the Integrity of you Owning Your Being!

I'm sorry if I was Mansplaining -- I didn't mean it, Honest.

This was Totally My Fault: I forgot that me watching basketball on television reminds you of your Father watching basketball when you were a little girl and not listening to you. I'm here, baby: I'm listening.

I was NOT checking out that waitress girl's ass, I swear!

It's Daddy Issues, all the way down.

I am Laslo.

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