Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How To Argue On The Internet.

The Ruthless Umlaut says...

You are all Orange Locusts! Portentous Biblical reference! The Lies! America! Germany 1917 reference -- you know the one! Or do I have to spell it out for you, you ignorant Dampfnudels!

Can you people even read? Allusion to an Important Book I've read! Do you get it!? Or is it too much for you to understand -- maybe Allusion to Another Book I've Read is more your speed, you there in the slow lane of the Autobahn of Rational Thought! Kraftwerk Lyric!

Name of Philosopher I Know About -- can you not put your head around that, you Orange Monkey Lover? Or would you prefer Orangutans, which you probably think are monkeys but are really apes, you worthless slice of Baumkuchen!

Austria-Hungary 1889 Reference! I bet you pronounce it "Hungry", don't you! Big Word: Adjective! Big Word: Noun! Or is that too much for you, you being so stupid you probably can't tell your own Shit from Spritzkuchen!

Auf wiedersehen, you Mohrenkopfs!

I am Laslo.


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