Saturday, April 8, 2017

"You know, in her own small way, that dead Hooker there just helped Make America Great Again..."

"Wow. We just smothered a Hooker."
"Yeah. It seems like just a moment ago she was sucking my cock, and now she is dead."
"Maybe smothering her wasn't such a good idea."
"Don't get soft on me now. What's done is done."
"You're right. We're in this together."
"I feel strangely invulnerable. All the Palace Intrigue seems like small potatoes, now."
"Funny -- I feel the same way. You and I: if we treat our problems like we treated that Hooker, we can get anything done."
"Damn straight. I know a few reporters I'd like to smother...."
"Oh yeah! Can you picture it? Rachel Maddow under the pillow, her tiny little fists pounding on your chest until they fall, limp and lifeless?"
"Would we have sex with her, first?"
"She's a lesbian: I don't think she'd consent..."
"Does consent really matter if we're going to smother her, anyway?"
"I don't know. I don't picture myself as a Rapist."
"You're right. You gotta draw a line somewhere."
"Agreed. But what do we do now?"
"We just leave."
"We just leave? We check into a room, smother a hooker, then just leave the body?"
"It's OK: I checked us in using the name Anderson Cooper. I have Credit Cards in his name and everything. We're clear."
"You think people are going to believe Anderson slept with a FEMALE Hooker and strangled her? Everyone knows he's Gay."
"Gay men smother female Hookers all the time. It's a Gay Thing. Mommy Issues, probably. I bet Anderson has smothered Hookers all over this city."
"I guess..."
"You know, I'd fuck Anderson Cooper before I smothered HIM, though. I bet he would consent."
"No way, man: I ain't Gay."
"I don't think a man sucking your cock makes you Gay if you smother him right afterward."
"Interesting viewpoint. But I think it's best we just to keep it to the occasional Hooker."
"Agreed. You know, we work pretty well together, when we put our minds to it..."
"You know, in her own small way, that dead Hooker there just helped Make America Great Again..."

I am Laslo.

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