Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I am The Replacement Laslo.


Laslo has decided to take a break for an indeterminate amount of time. Wear and tear is what he is telling me, basically. Maybe too many drinks at the bar -- not for me to say.

He has handed me the keys to the Name for awhile, only stipulating that I don't do anything with The Girl With The Ponytail On The Treadmill -- he says that is his alone.

I think he has a crush on her, I don't know.

So I will do my best in the meantime.

Call me The Replacement Laslo.

Mic Check / Mic Check

Sibilance / Sibilance

Cucumbers / Cucumbers

Ass / Ass

Is this thing on?

I am The Replacement Laslo.


  1. How will you continue in his stead? Will things be the same? Will anything ever BE THE SAME??!?!?!??!

  2. You better be fuckin good.
    Laslo was fuckin good.

  3. You better be fuckin good.
    Laslo was fuckin good.

  4. Are you also the replacement - replacement Betamax? If not, you need a better agent.


  5. I only read Laslo for the Ponytail Girl stories. I've got it bad for her. So, let me know when he's back.

  6. If it is all right with Harvey Kietel, it is OK with me.

  7. That Hillary - Alicia riff is one of the funniest things I've read in a long long time.