Monday, September 12, 2016

Now those people, when they see me, call me "Pee Boy."

Socially Awkward Guy Who Makes No Eye Contact says:

I once had someone who I thought was a friend.

We happened to get drunk one night and I told him of my desire to pee on young women. I don't know why I told him; maybe just -- for once -- to feel accepted for who I am?

Anyway, he didn't act freaked out at all. In fact he told me that he had a secret: he was gay.

Actually, I have some concerns about the gay lifestyle, but who am I to judge?

No big deal, I said.

So then he told me he liked me in 'that way'.

I told him Sorry, but I'm not into men.

He then said maybe we could work something out: I could suck his cock, and then he would let me pee on him.

Like I said: I have some concerns about the gay lifestyle.

I declined his offer, which hurt his feelings; I am specific about peeing on girls. He then went and told a bunch of people about my predilection, and now those people, when they see me, call me "Pee Boy."

What could I do -- tell everyone he was gay? Everyone likes the gays now. It is interesting what Society will and won't accept, but there it is: I'm used to the short end of the stick. I don't mean that in a gay way, if that is what you are thinking.

And it wasn't even the idea of sucking his cock. Upon reflection, I realized that I would probably have sucked his cock if that made it OK for me to pee on his sister.

Like no one else thinks these things.

I hope the Girl with the Blue Hair is working at McDonalds today.

I am Laslo.

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