Friday, November 4, 2016

And when we had sex he didn't even try for anal..!

Jenna, the Woman Who Falsely Claims Rape to Be Popular says:

In 2009 I met a Guy who I really, really liked. We went out for coffee and pastries and it was absolutely wonderful! And when we had sex he didn't even try for anal..!

But then his friends showed him internet stories about my Rape Awareness Activities and told him he better be careful around me or I might accuse him, too. At first he laughed about it, but soon he stop calling, and he would no longer answer my text messages. It was like I didn't exist to him anymore, like I was disposable, and that's when I realized he had raped me, after all…

His Violence was his false words of affection, holding me down emotionally while he forced sex upon me under the guise of Love: I knew that, now. I didn't agree to THAT sex: the sex of someone who wore an emotional mask and got what he wanted, and then just went away. THAT was the sex that had happened, not the sex I first thought I was agreeing to…

I was a Victim, again. How many times would I intersect with men's insatiable lust for me? These thoughts haunted me, until I realized the only thing I could do was write a Memoir...

I am Laslo.

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