Saturday, November 12, 2016

"I never saw Hillary come and spray that sh*t off my step, you know what I'm saying?"

'The Community of Color Gazette'.

From 'The Community of Color Gazette':

"Local Man of Color Says He Doesn't Care Who Won The Presidency"

Edison Banks, a local man of our Community of Color, was overheard at his local bar saying "I don't give a f*ck who became President, you hear me? Try shutting the f*ck up."

Tyla Lane, bartender at the Backside Blackside Bar, confirmed Mr. Banks' statement.

"People was all goin' on, complaining about Trump, and Eddie, he just got tired of it, that's all."

Benji Knudson, a fellow patron of the bar, echoed Ms. Lane's remarks.

"People were all cryin' and shit, it was embarrassing. Eddie, he's been around the block a few times, he don't have time for that sh*t."

When asked, Mr. Banks reaffirmed his statement.

"They all acting like the world's ending. All I know is it ain't Trump that stole my 1981 Chevrolet Celebrity. It ain't Trump that shits on my doorway every d*mn day. I never saw Hillary come and spray that sh*t off my step, you know what I'm saying?"

Regina Grier, a patron of the bar, disagreed with Mr. Banks' statements.

"The white people, they elected Trump to put us all back in chains."

When told of Ms. Grier's comment, Mr. Banks responded.

"Reggie, she's young: she don't know no better. Meanwhile we got young brothers settin' fire to shit like d*mn fools. There's a reason the Seven-Eleven they burned down last time ain't comin' back, you feel me?"

Asked if he had any final comments, Mr. Banks added the following.

"It's bad enough watching all those baby-ass white people crying on TV -- I expect better of the Hood. He's just the President -- it ain't like he's our landlord or something."

"So there it is: a Story of Change in our Community of Color. For more stories like this please read 'The Community of Color Gazette'.

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