Friday, November 25, 2016

"Benjamin, I am afraid that I am too emotionally tired to open my mouth that wide."

Excerpt from "Black Blood, Black Seed":

"Hello, Benjamin."

"Miss Christina! It's Thanksgiving! Shouldn't you be with your family, rather than talking to a black man here in the Town Square?"

"What does it matter? My shame is too large to fit within my family's festive dining room. Ever since our moment together my life has been lived under a dark, dark shadow. I know what the Good People are saying about me now, in whispered tones and smug smiles..."

"Yeah, it's a bitch, ain't it? I get a lot of the white girls comin' back to me and sayin' the same damn thing."

"You mean I was not the only one for you, Benjamin? I was not your only white woman? I did not think it possible to be sadder than being alone on Thanksgiving, but I now find that I was so very wrong."

"Sorry, Miss Christina. It's just that a lot of you fancy Southern white girls like to suck on the black man's man-root."

"It's a broken world, Benjamin."

"If it makes you feel any better Miss Christina, you were the only white girl who ever swallowed."

"I am not sure how that makes me feel."

"Miss Christina, it was powers beyond your control. The Lord done gave us black men a cold hard road, but for whatever reason he made our man-roots irresistible to white women. Us black men call this power the boogedy-boogedy."

"The boogedy-boogedy, Benjamin?"

"Oh, yeah. We black men just have to get a bit of that sweaty sheen on our skin and the white women come a-runnin."

"I am just another fallen white woman of good lineage: I see that now."

"Yeah, it's a funny world, all right. Being that you're now fallen and all, would you like some more boogedy-boogedy, Miss Christina?"

"Benjamin, I am afraid that I am too emotionally tired to open my mouth that wide."

"I understand, Miss Christina. You have a good day now, you hear?"

"Thank you, Benjamin. I hope today brings you more boogedy-boogedy, if that is what you desire."

"Aw, Miss Christina: I'm going home and eating a big plate of turkey with the cranberries and the watermelon. You want to come along?"

"That is a kind and generous offer, Benjamin, but I prefer to stay here alone and wallow in my despair. It is all I have now."

"You know -- no disrespect -- I just don't understand you white people sometimes."

"No disrespect taken, Benjamin. God has given us fallen Southern white women an especially heavy cross to bear."

"I guess so, him surrounding you with all these strong virile black men and all."

"Something like that, Benjamin: something like that..."

I am Laslo.

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