Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"No! I've already masturbated about it and I haven't even SEEN it yet."

Sketchy Guy Who Works at the Adult Bookstore says:
There's a new porn series that is flying off the Gay Porn shelves lately: 'Obammer The Chocolate Hammer.' I gotta admit: the guy DOES look like Obama. I don't know if the Cock Size is accurate, but if it is then Obama's got something to be proud of...
So a guy comes in looking for the latest in the series.
"You know: the one where he gets fucked in the ass by all those Russian Men?'
"Yeah," I say, "I know the one: 'Obammer and the Rectum Red Menace'. I think one of the Russian guys is supposed to be Putin."
"Yeah! Putin fucks Obama in the ass while Obama's got a red ball-gag in his mouth."
"The color of the ball-gag was a nice touch, I admit."
"Russians. Red. Never mind."
"Sure: I don't get that politics stuff. Anyway, people on the internet say it's even better than "Obammer and the Arab Butt-Bombers."
"I've heard that, too. Unfortunately, I sold the last copy just an hour ago."
"No! I've already masturbated about it and I haven't even SEEN it yet."
"Sorry. I still have copies of "Obammer and the Strap-On Feminists, though."
"Ah, I already have that one. GREAT strap-on cock scenes, though. That veiny black one must've been thirteen inches -- I don't even know how he fit all that in there."
"The guy's a Pro."
"When will you get new copies in?"
"There's a shipment tomorrow."
"Great! Can you hold one for me?"
"Sure thing."
"It's funny: I'm not really into Gay Porn..."
"Yeah, I get a lot of straight men who say that. Right before they buy Gay Porn..."
Stranger things have happened to me here at the Book Store...

I am Laslo.

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