Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When people busted the window of my 1982 Ciera I didn't go all crying and sh*t.

From 'The Community of Color Gazette':

"Man of Color Overheard Telling People They Are Overreacting"

Kirk Jackson, a Black Man of our Community of Color, was overheard at his local bar saying "Get a grip, people. You're all acting like a bunch of crybabies and pussies."

Tyla Lane, bartender at the Backside Blackside Bar, confirmed Mr. Jackson's statement.

"People in the bar are all crying about how they're all afraid and sh*t. Kirk just got tired of hearing it, that's all."

Kirk Jackson added to his statement.

"People's acting like it's the end of the world. When people busted the window of my 1982 Ciera I didn't go all crying and sh*t. F*cking pussies, you feel me?"

Bob Ellis, a fellow patron at the bar, disagreed with Mr. Jackson's remarks.

"Kirk, he thinks he knows everything 'cause he's old. He doesn't see how sh*t is going to change real bad this time."

Mr. Jackson responded to Mr. Ellis' statement.

"Bob, he thinks he knows sh*t because he reads the Internet. The boy needs to grow up and get a pair, you know what I'm saying?"

When informed of Mr. Jackson's latest statement Mr. Ellis had this to say:

"Get a pair? I got the biggest you ever seen, old man. I could take you out back and whup your ass for saying that sh*t."

Mr. Jackson responded to Mr. Ellis' latest statement with an invitation.

"Try it, boy. I'll beat you down like a prison bitch. You wanna go out back, let's go out back, Brother."

Mr. Ellis rejected Mr. Jackson's invitation.

"Whoah. I didn't mean to start anything, man. Sh*t is just f*cked up, you hear?

So there it is: a Story of Change in our Community of Color. For more stories like this please read 'The Community of Color Gazette'.

I am Laslo.

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