Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The student who was interviewed while blocking three lanes of highway? We got him in our database.

Andrew Barnes for says:

Let's face it: you've seen them on the news, on the internet, maybe even in a protest in your own town or city? Who am I talking about...?

I'm talking about college students. Specifically, I'm talking about the ones who work for organizations that prevent speakers from being heard on campuses, the ones interviewed as spokespeople for a violent protest or riot, the ones who falsely called rape or created false racial incidents, the ones who demanded a professor be removed or a test not taken because of hurt feelings...

Now you may ask yourself: what does this have to do with me? Well, if you do hiring for a company it can mean the difference between success and failure. Hiring is one of the trickiest decisions an employer has to make: will this person fit in and work to the company's best interests, or will they be a trouble-making wrench in the works...?

Here at we have the biggest, most accurate data list in the Nation of these College and University Trouble-makers, Complainers, and Miscreants, culled from countless media and social-media sources...

The student who was interviewed while blocking three lanes of highway? We got him in our database.

The man who threw eggs at a speaker on campus? We got him in our database.

The woman who falsely claimed rape and then walked around everywhere with a piece of furniture? We got her in our database.

In other words: we know the Snowflakes.

You know it to be true: if you made the mistake of hiring one of these people your company will suffer for years, from simple incompetency to unending lawsuits...

For just $7.99 a name, we at will run your prospective employees through our database, and let you know about the extracurricular activities that they DIDN'T put in their resume...

Or you can just hope for the best and wait until you have to figure out who flattened the tires of your controversial client... because a Single Snowflake Can Cause An Avalanche...

I am Laslo.

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