Saturday, October 15, 2016

He looked genuinely hurt, so that felt good, and then he left.

Lindsey Buckingham Has Something to Share With You.
Oh man, shit never changes.
I ran into Don Henley just a few months ago. I figured a lot of water was under the bridge, but -- no -- the dude's a bigger douche-bag than ever.
He asked me if I had any Xanax, and I said "Sure, yeah" and handed him my prescription bottle from my pocket. I always keep it on me because all the years on the road have fucked up my nerves.
So I expect him to take one and hand the bottle back, but he takes three, and then puts the bottle in HIS pocket.
"Dude," I say, "Give me back my Xanax."
He looks at me and says "I think I need these more than you do."
"It's MY fucking Xanax, dude."
"Glenn is dead. Me and Frey, we had our moments, but I always loved him like a brother. There is so much I wish I could take back, but my chance is over, and I have to live with that."
"Yeah, I'm sorry your friend is dead, but I have to live with the fact that you fucked up my band."
"That was forty years ago. I think you need to let it go," he says, trying to be all sage and shit.
So I say: "You know what YOU need to let go? Fucking with underage girls."
He looked genuinely hurt, so that felt good, and then he left.
I fucking HATE Don Henley.

By the way: I fucked Stevie Nicks.
When she was Hot.

I am Laslo.

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