Thursday, October 27, 2016

"I don't know if it was the Brothers, though. We got a lot of Mexicans in the hood now."

From 'The Community of Color Gazette':

"Man of Color Wonders What It Would Be Like Not To Live In a Ghetto"

Kirk Jackson, a Black Man of our Community of Color, was overheard at his local bar wondering what it would be like to not live in the f**king ghetto.

Mr. Jackson confirmed the statement.

"I'm tired of it, man. People are always stealing your shit and pissing in your doorway, all that low-life stuff. People outside the hood don't have to put up with that sh*t."

Wanda Johnson, bartender at the bar, affirmed Mr. Jackson's statement.

"Kirk was p*ssed. Some a**hole brothers broke the window of his car to steal sh*t, and if you know Kirk, he ain't got sh*t to steal."

Lewis Jones, a fellow patron of the bar, concurred.

"Kirk has a sweet 1982 Ciera: he takes real good care of that car. Now the window's busted and he ain't got the money to fix it."

Mr. Jones added to his statement.

"I don't know if it was the Brothers, though. We got a lot of Mexicans in the hood now."

Wanda Johnson confirmed Mr. Jones' statement.

"We do got a lot of Mexicans now. We even got Mexican graffiti on the side of the bar. At least I think it's Mexican, I sure as Hell can't read it."

Mr. Jackson added to his comment.

"I'd move out of here, but I ain't got the money to do that. The Police only protect your sh*t if you got money."

Mr. Jones questioned Mr. Jackson's statement.

"Aw, if we lived outside the hood, anytime some sh*t happened to a white person, the Police would think we did it."

Wanda Johnson agreed with Mr. Jones' statement.

"I even go to a white neighborhood, the Police are right there to ask me questions. 'Why am I there', sh*t like that."

Mr. Jackson's made a final comment about the situation.

"All I know is if I find some*ssholes messing with my car again I'm gonna shoot the f*ckers, that's what I'm gonna do."

So there it is: a Story of Change in our Community of Color. For more stories like this please read 'The Community of Color Gazette'.

I am Laslo.

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