Saturday, October 22, 2016

See? It don't have to be all complicated, Bob.

I like the Bob Dylan, but he gets a bit too wordy-like for an old rock-and-roller like me. I like my songs to get to the point, without a lot of haberdashery, you know...? 

Like my song "Yo Sister Be Twelve": it gets down to the goods, real quick, and it don't hide none behind illusions or allusions or  confusions or whatever you call it...

Yo Sister Be Twelve
And that's fine by me
Take her down off the shelf
Jess her and me

Yo Sister Be Twelve
And I like her jess fine
Kiss her on the mouth
Gonna make her mine

Yo Sister Be Twelve
That's eleven plus one
Gonna check out her valves
Gonna make her motor run

Yo Sister She Be Twelve
Yo Sister She Be Twelve

See? It don't have to be all complicated, Bob. My song, it's easy to understand: my friend's sister is twelve, I like her fine, and I wanna get her motor runnin'. Simple as that.

Or how 'bout my song "Sweet Little Twelve?"

Sweet Little Twelve
It's only months away
Sweet Little Twelve
will be a sweet special day

Sweet Little Twelve
You oh so itty-bitty
Sweet Little Twelve
Gonna take you to the city

And when I say
I'm gonna take you to the city
I mean I'll take you downtown, baby girl,
I'll take you downtown real good

Sweet Little Twelve
Sweet Little Twelve

Now that wasn't hard to understand, was it? We all wanna get to 'downtown' with a girl, you know what I mean? Bob, he could take a lesson or two on getting to the point....

So I live my life on the road, rockin' and rollin'. Who knows -- I might be comin' to your town, too, and if you come see me, do Bobby a favor:  bring your granddaughters...

I am Laslo.

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