Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sometimes you have to explain.

chickelit said...
"@Laslo: My personal 1966 compilation includes all of those. What's your beef again?"

chickelit, I know your reading comprehension is better than that. My character was responding to Althouse's referenced "my all-time favorite music year" post, and the "reasons best illustrated here, here, here, and here."

"Reasons best illustrated" was mostly void of any black artists. You can look yourself.

After multiple posts of Bob Dylan "Lamar" was going on about the White-centric Love of Such. Just carried it on to an obscure white artist being posted, and the links therein.

I love Althouse, just noting -- through satire -- her background in a context that doesn't really raise it's head here.

The fact that those songs are on YOUR list is a separate thing. 

With respect,

I am Laslo.

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